Keane is a visual storyteller, capturing emotions and light with my camera. I have been capturing Portraits and Events for many years, to focus on my Cosplay portfolio, I have rebranded it to Capturing Cosplay. As always, you can find him on the quest "To Find Yummylight.”
My preferred style is to photograph in Natural Light, happy to work with you to showcase your cosplay in the Best Light. When I am not holding a camera, I am a geek with a keen interest in comics, RPGs, cartoons, animes, movies and tv series. Which ones? Just ask me. Let's have a chat.

Some images of me hanging out with Doremon. 

This photo of me was photographed by Warren Seow a fellow photography friend in Wellington, we work together on bigger projects.

When I was verified by Cosplay New Zealand community group, when I was known as Capturing Heartbeats. In Autumn 2019, I've split into my Capturing Cosplay brand focussing on Cosplay and my more geek adventures.
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