Here’s the Age-Old question… “What cosplay should I make?” or “What cosplay/costume do you want to shoot?” I definitely have a TFP list and Collaboration list that I would very much like to shoot.

Firstly, what’s the difference? TFP and Colab?
TFP or Time for Prints is a term used in the Old-Days 1.0. This is an arrangement between the photographer and model, sometimes hair and makeup artist (HMA or HMU) where the photographer would provide an agreed amount of prints for the model’s time where both side can freely use the images for there own portfolio.

Prints you say…
Yeah, I am old school (TM). I kinda believe it’s not real until you are holding it. Happy to TFD (or Time for Digitals) as well… often I would provide 3-5 finished images for a Time For... shoot. These projects are only on shoots that I have an interest in / genre that I want to expand into / it’s a super crazy creative project. Sorry, not everyone will be chosen or time allowed.
Collaboration is basically TFP but it’s on a much bigger scale or along the lines of Personal Projects involving many other creatives such as lighters, retouchers, florists, fashion, exciting locations, etc…. Often these are trusted people I have worked before, via other projects or TFP. Sometimes a small fee will be exchanged but many times not. It’s a planned project where everyone has input, Pinterest Boards and bouncing ideas over many months and willing to commit to creating something wonderful.
… and then we have the commissioned work or bespoke shoots.

So my current Bounty list of Cosplay themes that I am on the lookout, in no particular order, is listed below but this is an ever-changing document. I am working on a few Collaboration and they are at early stages. Alternatively, DM me with your creative ideas. Spring is here and basically there’s 9 months of #yummylight.
Old school Kung Fu heroes
Something related to White Wolf’s Big 5 (VtM, WtA, MtA, WtO, CtD)
Deadlands (horror Western steampunk )
Legend of the Five Rings
Vampire / dark-Noir
Art Deco or Dark Deco
Lovecraft / Cthulhu
Fae (seelie or unseelie, low or high court)
Robotech: Macross
Game of Thrones
Steampunk / Victoria-arcana
Harry Potter / Hogwarts
…. Especially if you have Dance or Martial Arts Training
Mashups are a favourite especially during the Con Days.
(Disclamier: I’m not up to date with many of the current animes)
Leory Smith @ Tekken
Lynn Minmei @ Macross
Harley Quinn @ DC – depends on costume builds
Edited 13 November 2019
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